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A escultora Margarita Farré trabalhando em seu ateliê em São Paulo

"I chose the human figure and the bronze to express my most important emotions: feelings, reflections, happiness, dreams and hopes, and in the search for form, a search that leads me to the power of expression, where one can find spiritual vitality, the most pure, strongest and deepest of all senses".

Margarita Farré


Catalan artist from Barcelona, ​​has lived and worked in São Paulo since 1957. Consecrated by the unprecedentedness of her three-dimensional work, she has trod paths and won awards that few contemporary artists have won. Her work can be found in museums, public places and important private collections.


Margarita Farré's work can be divided into two segments: Abstract sculptures, made in the late 1960s from different materials, and figurative bronze sculptures, which began in 1974. Her first bronze sculptures were polished and with the gleaming metal gold. In 1991, she abandoned this procedure and started using patina. Later she starts to use the aluminum and paints her work with yellow or red automotive paint.

In addition to sculptures, which have always occupied most of her time, Margarita has also produced drawings and paintings of human figures, and more recently created a series of abstract paintings.

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