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Alvin Tofler - American Writer

Matias Machline - Brazilian Businessman

Solomão Schwarzman - Director of Rede Manchete - TV Network

Margarita Sanchez Guzman - Peruvian Ambassador

Kuniyoshi Daté - Japanese Ambassador

Lauro Barbosa da Silva Moreira - Brazilian Ambassador

Miguel de Aldasoro - Spanish Ambassador

Prof. Neistein - Art Critic and Collector

Celly de Misrie - Collector of Panama

Former Minister of Brazil Carlos Richbieter

Risoleta Neves - Widow of Former President of Brazil Tancredo Neves

Motoko Mutsumura - Japanese Businesswoman and Collector

Brazilian American Cultural Institute - Cultural Institution affiliated with the Brazilian Embassy in Washington, DC, USA

Citibank - Sao Paulo

Enron C.V. Development

Dibens Bank

Campinas Ecological Park

Bamerindus Bank - Boulevard Paulista Building

Banespa Museum

Legislative Assembly Museum of São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

Luciana and Eduardo Szaniech, Collectors, London, England

Sandra Brecheret - Daughter of the Sculptor Vitor Brecheret

BankBoston - New Headquarters

Woodrow Wilson Center for International Studies - Acquisition of a bronze sculpture by the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C,

for permanent exposure at the Wilson Center for International Studies at the Department of Brazilian Studies

Bank of Produccion - Managua - Nicaragua

Artedellacqua - Jurerê Internacional - Florianópolis - SC, Brazil.

Mr. Edgard Antonio Casciano - Collector and Diplomat - Brasilia, DF, Brazil.

Esporte Clube Pinheiros - Cultural Department - São Paulo - SP, Brazil.

A space without the beauty of art is one where the soul is missing

Decorate your office, establish the desired visual identity, restructure the image of your workplace.

Mulher Sentada C.jpg

Works of art make all the difference in decorating a home's surroundings.

Whether in simple or sophisticated spaces, artworks value your home's surroundings and reflect people's personality.

Mulher Sentada A.jpg
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